"Feedin the Need"

"Gettin your shooting houses up early is the key to success later in the season"

"Get started on those deer blinds and shooting houses early"

Its only three weeks after turkey season closing and most schools here in the south are out for summer or at least near to that long awaited day as we speak. At least for those in school that is!

We all know that most hunters tend to get busy with family life, work and all the things that come after deer season is over. But for the hardcore hunter/landowner they all agree that the season never ends. Early summer is the time to get all the things done that you sat in your stand and thought about throughout the last season. Grading the roads, building a new bridge over a washed out creek, clearing shooting lanes from that stand you missed the buck of a lifetime out of last November, all the way to fixing the leaky roof on the deer camp, ok that can wait till early fall! Let's focus on the deer, heck that's why were their anyway, right?

If your looking at adding a few new shooting houses/deer blinds to some of your food plots and open fields one suggestion is to do your best to get this done as early as possible. Why? Well for one thing late May and early June aren't the hottest months just yet to be working in the woods, the red bugs aren't in full rut yet and if it starts those late evening summer rains then the places you may need to get to will be inaccessible for trucks, trailers and other means of transportation.


But the biggest factor is letting the deer get use to the new addition to their new living room furniture and to keep the pressure of being in the woods 2 weeks before season. Now I know we all have honey-do's to accomplish, the kids have ball games and practice, summer vacation eats at your saved up hunting money but hey all it takes is a little planning ahead, getting some folks to help, (especially those that wanted to hunt with you last fall) and a well built deer blind that will stand the test of time. Our good friend Elmer McKinnis got the jump early by ordering his 5x5 on a 20ft tower in early March and told us that as soon as the season was out and the ground dried up he would be ready. Well May 22, 2014 was his day that he had prepared for delivery of the stand we named HIGHTOWER, a native American last name which means 'the tall ones' Pocahontas great granddaughter married a hightower.

Bringing in the 20' Steel Outdoors Blind              Standing and securing takes about an hour        "Elmer believes he will get great cell service from Hightower"

Elmer is a new comer to the sport, tradition and lifestyle of deer hunting and the bug has bit him hard, not just him but for his son as well. Being new to the sport Elmer isn't afraid to ask questions and Elmer loves the preparation process just as much as the hunt its self. He says that watching his son and some of his son's friends enjoy hunting is worth all the money, effort and time in the world. 

The one thing we noticed about Elmer's passion is although new to the sport by 4 years he catches on quick and wants to do all he can early to keep pressure to a minimum and let the deer have the run of his place from July until its time to plant food plots in late Sept.

Elmer has also started a supplemental feeding program and during thesstressful times in late winter, late summer Elmer sees the need to help carry the deer over the hump in these hard times in a whitetails life which gives the deer the extra little energy and nutrition they need in hot dry conditions during the late summer months.


                 Dwayne Mclemore and Elmer McKinnis with his new Steel Outdoors 5x5x20' blind he calls Hightower!