"Feedin the Need"

Steel Archery Deer Blinds at Giles Island

The first of 13 Steel Deer blinds for archery hunters at Giles Island 

Giles Island is a place of legend and drama, a canvas for history and fame. Once a working plantation on the north bluff of Natchez, today the land at Giles Island is a Mississippi Hardwood Bottom, lush and full of wildlife.

Centuries ago, the famous Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto discovered the Mississippi River north of Natchez. Soon afterward, he was buried in the great river. Giles Island has also been the site of many historic events since the early nineteenth century. Men from Natchez would gather there to settle their arguments at twelve paces.

During this era of the Island, Jim Bowie made himself, and his world renowned knife, famous. The savage duel that ensued would be written in history as ‘The Sandbar Fight.’ After the duel, the knife was copied by a blacksmith from Natchez, reproduced in England, and is now one of the world’s best known weapons.

In 1933, the Corps of Engineers dredged the Giles cutoff, separating the land from the main land of Mississippi, creating what is now the hunter’s paradise of Giles Island.

Steeped in the heritage of the Deep South, Giles Island is the perfect destination for your fair chase Trophy Whitetail excursion. The island supports a deer population of over 1,000, with a buck-to-doe ratio of one to one. An intense focus on wildlife management contributes to the quality of our Trophy bucks on Giles Island. The average buck weight is 200 pounds, with some bucks weighing in at 280 pounds. The average Trophy score on Giles Island ranges in the mid 140′s, with several bucks scoring over 170 inches.

With a total acreage of 9,400 and located only 15 minutes from Natchez, Mississippi, Giles Island is the perfect hunter’s retreat. Giles Island offers a variety of hunting scenarios, from dense thickets to wide open fields. In addition to deer hunting, Giles Island offers turkey hunting, alligator hunting, and white perch and bass fishing.

With the 2013-14 Whitetail season in the record books one would think that Jimmy Riley and all the folks of Giles Island would be laid back taking it easy after 4 long months of guiding/hunting. On the day after the season closed the work began for the up and coming summer months that will roll right into the 2014-15 Whitetail season. From taking down stands, working on roads, timber and land management, preventative maintenance on all ATV's, tractors, trucks, boats and anything and everything that comes with running a top notch operation like Giles Island, its time to get the work done before it's time to get to work again!

One of the things that Jimmy wanted to do for the coming year was to invest in a quality, all welded, no maintenance Deer Blind that the Raccoon, Squirrels, Wasp ,Lady Bugs and any other critter that loves to occupy the blinds through the spring and summer. Jimmy called on long time friend and owner of Steel Outdoors Dwayne Mclemore, explained to him what they were looking for and needed and on Feb 28, 2014 the first of (13) 6 x 6 x 10'  Rifle/Archery blind was delivered onto the island. 

Jimmy wanted to start bringing the Steel Archery Deer Blinds in as soon as possible due to the rising Mississippi River that is expected to overflow its banks and backwater this spring. The deer blinds will be strategically placed early in the spring and summer in places that Jimmy and his guides frequently watched deer travel this past fall.

"Steel Archery Blind ready on Giles Island"

 Jimmy stated that with the blinds being erected early we wanted the deer to get accustomed to the blinds before this coming season. We are all excited to be able to hunt with bow in the early season from these blinds in places where in past years all we could do is watch the bucks enter a large field and stay until dark. This coming year we plan to be right in the mix with all the Ones That Got Away.......

Jimmy Riley inspects the final product and agrees this one is in the RIGHT spot...