"Feedin the Need"

Spring Turkey Season 2013

Well, as January quickly comes to a close, the Saints didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, deer and duck season have met their end, and one would have to sit down and wonder, "what next?"

Let’s think this through now, as outdoors men and women, when the seasons we all so impatiently wait for come to a close, it’s time for all the things that were put aside to get the attention they need right? Like painting the house inside “AND” out, cleaning the garage of its mound we call stuff, and putting it in the attic to never see it again. Working in the flower beds for the spring bloom, trimming trees, shrubs and the all so dreadful cleaning of the gutters on the house.

But for all of you that think it’s time to clean the guns, hang up the bow, store your favorite hunting boots and pack up the camo for the next 8 months to come, then your sadly missing out brothers and sisters. Come around the 1st of March there comes a season that most think we are crazy for doing what we do, and Naw it ain’t Mardi Gras or spring break, but that too is a good time. But there is an awesome sound that only comes during the spring it’s when Mr. Long Whiskers are more commonly known as the Wild Turkey begins his spring courtship ritual. So forget the house, the yard and all the spring activities, (except a good Ole Crawfish boil) and get back to the same places you were hunting this past fall and chase you a big Old Strutting Gobbler.

But I should warn you, there are 2 things you must have If your even thinking about getting into yet another hobby in the woods, especially Spring Turkey Hunting...

That is:

  • A good Spouse.
  • A good job.

Why you ask?

Well because when the turkey bug hits you there will be a good chance you may loose both your spouse and your job, it’s that powerful. And for all of you reading this right now that are turkey hunters you can all agree, Right?

The cool thing about turkey hunting is this, you're bringing the hunt to you by calling the bird to you. Unlike deer hunting where we all sit in a tree stand for hours on end not knowing if a deer is even close by, the turkey lets his presence be known by the thundering gobble they bark out each spring.

The other thing that most don’t realize is that all of your pre-season scouting for turkeys is already done; you did it during deer season. Those gobblers, hens and jakes that you were seeing in and around your food plots, power lines and hardwood bottoms this past fall, chances are those birds will still be in the same area come turkey season. But don’t let this stop you from getting out in late Feb and early march to start looking and listening for birds on your hunting ground.

Now I have had folks tell me, you have got to be crazy to sit in the woods before daylight and wait on a big goofy bird with the brain the size of a pea. And it’s those same folks that come to me weeks later with bags under their eyes from sleepless nights and long days of trying to figure out why they are getting so beat down by this dumb bird. And it's this dumb bird believe it are not, they have given a name too, seriously we give them names like, Old Loud Mouth, Crooked Toe, the Gate Keeper, Ridge Runner and in some cases names we can’t publish here in the blog, this is a G rated post!

So how do I get started?

The best advice we can give any beginner in anything outdoors is, hook up with someone that is a veteran and tag along. Learn from someone that has been there and done that before you go and spend a small fortune on all the calls, gadgets and trinkets that some think you need to kill turkeys. Now don’t get us wrong, there are some essentials you will need before you head out to the spring woods, but the most important is the understanding of the wild turkey itself and its habits during the spring.

Why does the Gobbler only gobble in the spring?

The gobblers are the male species of the wild turkey. They gobble in the spring to let the hen turkey (which is the female of the species) know of his presence. You see the hen is programmed by nature to go to the gobbler for breeding. We hunters already have that one strike against us; we are trying to make him come to us by calling to him. So were asking this bird to do something that is not in his DNA. See it’s tough already, but that’s what makes it so much fun. And here’s the kicker to that gobble, if they aren’t gobbling you just head to the Waffle House for breakfast. Because a gobbler that isn’t in the gobbling mood is not any fun to hunt. So you see it already surpasses deer hunting, no waiting around wondering, he lets you know of his presence, “Sometimes!”

But I don’t know how to use a call?

Truth be known, if you can walk and talk you can call a turkey. There are many calls out there that are what we call idiot proof. The one thing that truly separates the men from the boys in turkey hunting is woodsmanship. Good woodsman ship is what should start with patience. Patience will allow you more critters in the back of the truck then any call known to man. Calling a wild turkey, in my opinion, (and opinions are like you know what, we all have um) is 10% of the hunt. The other 90% is knowing and understanding the critter you’re after, and the geographical lay of the land your hunting. Don’t ever think you have to be a world champion caller to hunt turkeys; this is very far from the truth

We could sit here and explain to you what you have to do to kill a turkey, but every hunt has its own scenario. And before the scenario can happen you have to first give it a try. So for all you veteran turkey killers out there, invite a friend to the turkey woods, especially if it’s a young boy or girl, give them the chance to experience this incredibly beautiful time of the four seasons God has blessed us all with. Who knows they may have a place that is crawling with gobblers.

Spring is near folks, the house painting can wait a few more months,

Be Blessed,
Steel Outdoors